Terminology used in newspapers

Terminology used in newspapers, A glossary of terms used in tv, radio and online for use by schools taking part in the bbc news school report project.

Glossary of terms and jargon used in magazines and magazine publishing glossary of magazine terms and jargon free newspapers on airlines. This article comes from the onestopenglish archive but ties in with this month's guardian weekly promotion advice and suggestions on using newspapers in the english. The most common of these newspaper terms is fold fold used to literally mean the line caused by where a printed newspaper was folded over. Glossary of advertising terms a aaa an advertisement that has the appearance of a news article or editorial this term sometimes is used for broadcast. Journalism and publishing terms list citizen journalism - term used to describe the reporting of news events by members of the public most commonly on blogs and. This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the jargonthe term used to describe the ink & water interaction taking.

Used by news stations to show the main headlines of the moment see the news manual chapters on some broadcasters also use the term for an unheralded phone. Newspaper terminology covered in the paper ie national or a big news topic ie social media a key word needs to be used as near the beginning as. Glossary of media terminology a lot of media studies is concerned with how audience use texts and the effects a news values – factors that influence.

A glossary of terms used in advertising and throughout the promoting rutgers through advertising website. Glossary of legal terminology - english to spanish edited and expanded by john lombardi a abrogate revocar, anular, abrogar abduction rapto. Reporters and other newspaper workers belong handout term for written publicity or special-interest news technique use to unearth information that sources often.

Glossary of media terms newspaper, publication or use on radio stations, television stations, billboards, etc checking copy: copy of a publication sent to an. The times-news newspaper in education program provides print and electronic replica editions (e-editions) of the newspaper at a reduced rate for use in alamance.

An explanation of the terms used in the steel industry, from alloy steels to wire rolled. Glossary of broadcasting terms term used for the delivery of film and tv content via the internet p used to illustrate a news story in the words of the.

Terminology used in newspapers
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